Gregory Bender

2007 December 20: :



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Rode another 39 miles today - it was 42° when I left and only 36° when I returned. Just a bit nippy! As soon as I get another SAE plug, I'll assemble a wiring harness for this bike so I can hook up my Eclipse heated vest. As long as there's no salt on the road, I'll keep riding.

Two more good heat cycles and then I'll retorque the heads and exhaust header nuts, set the valves, check the point gap (new points always seem to close up some at first), set the timing and synchronize the carburetors. I'm wondering how accurate the speedo is - the needle doesn't wobble like that of my ‘69 Ambo, but it just feels like the speedo is a bit optimistic. I'll have to borrow my friend Joseph's little handheld GPS unit and check it I guess.

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