Gregory Bender

2007 February 11: :



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Disassembled the cylinder heads and the results were 50/50. Intake valves looked good - the seats weren't pitted and the guides were within spec. But, the exhaust valves and seats showed some pitting and the guides are too worn. Noticed the right head has a few bent fins too. So, I decided to do it right and rebuild the heads with new valves and guides. While I'm waiting for the machine shop to finish the heads, I'll work on the transmission.

Picked a very worn driveshaft coupler off the shelf to use as a output shaft holding tool. After working the output shaft back and forth a bit, it finally would make a full revolution. Made some nice crunchy sounds at first, then turned smoothly. Shifted through the gears well too. Decided just to run the transmission the way it is - NOT! :-) Visions of rust chunks in bearings and me sliding down the road on my ass after having been spat off of the bike filled my noggin. She's coming apart for a bearingectimy. With the excellent tool Stephen Brenton made for me, the ring nut on the output shaft came off without a fight. The throwout bearing was still the loose ball type, so I'll order a needle bearing type from Harper's. That's as far as I got - somehow I got sidetracked on cleaning out and arranging the tap and die drawer of the big workbench. Probably hadn't been done in over 40 years!

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